What is the Integration Process?

The integration process explains what humans go through when they embark on their journey through healing. Along the way, we educate ourselves on our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions while attempting to implement those lessons.

According to Google, the word “Integration” when it comes to psychology has two definitions.

  1. The coordination of processes in the nervous system, including diverse sensory information and motor impulses.
  2. The process by which a well-balanced psyche becomes whole.

In other words, it is the process of assimilating your knowledge (mind), with the action of your physical structure (body), and with the wisdom of your soul (soul).

The integration process is the method of remembering the innate power that lies within.

When it comes to the work I do, here’s my philosophy:

  • Human beings are organisms. Fascinating ones, may I add. We, humans, are simply trying to achieve homeostasis.
  • We are ever-evolving individuals that regenerate our who physical body many times throughout of lives. For instance, our liver regenerates every anywhere from 6 weeks to a few years - depending on your health.
  • Everything we take in from a sensory perspective also impacts how we, as organisms, achieve homeostasis.
  • The integration process is unique to the individual.

In short, we are doing our best to integrate what we have learnt, experienced, and felt in a way that makes sense to our mind, body and spirit;

This is what we call the integration process.

As you can tell, the integration process is not linear. The integration process is an ongoing and often circular journey. It doesn't matter how far into healing someone has gotten: new information always surfaces, and new techniques and skills are always needed. It's foolish to think that we have arrived at a place where things no longer happen to and around us. However, we can get to a place that allows us to manage the chaos. Although, just like anything, our ability can disappear without practice.

Level One is awareness.

You become aware that you have a problem, and the symptoms show up in your life. It usually begins when people start to point things out to you, but sometimes we notice on our own from things like denial or isolation. This is where the concept of the 'dark night of the soul" comes from. Something terrible happens that brings almost instant awareness that prompts us to take action for ourselves.

Level Two is acceptance.

This stage can be like walking through a dark tunnel where the light seems so far away, but if we keep going and stay focused on what we want to have happened in our lives, then eventually, the end of the tunnel becomes illuminated with hope. This is when people start exploring their options for treatment and healing that align with who they are as their own person. Therapy works for many, but it also triggers a lot of daruma that causes chaos before it settles it - and some of us are not currently able to deal with it, so we don't. Because we know better - and that is OK.

Level Three is action.

This is a hard one. It is the one that gets all of us. It's hard to take a step outside our comfort zone and change what isn't working for us. Some people can do it with little or no support, while others need tools like therapy and medication before they can even start exploring their options - but we always have hope in something better than how we were when we decided to change.

Level Four is Maintenance.

This is the one that we are supposed to remain in for life. It's self-care. It's getting all of what you need and deserves without feeling selfish or entitled about it. Level four is also about honouring the times when you fall off the wagon, per se, and restore to old coping mechanisms. Remember, this is a process, and with time and patience, we will achieve everything we've ever hoped for in our lives.

My name is Amy, and I am your resident Counselling Psychologist in training and Certified Practioner of multiple coaching modalities to help you transform your life from challenge and overwhelm to calm, focus and compassion.

At The Integration Process, we meet each other where we're at with unconditional acceptance. With a shared understanding, we are entering uncharted territory, and emotions and memories inevitably surface that could cause you to feel discomfort. Let me help you find clarity and support so that you can live your best life.

We’re fascinated by the words, but where we meet is in the silence behind them - Ram Dass.

The Integration Process is the perfect place to find relief from stress and anxiety. This process will help heal past wounds so that you can live in peace today and enjoy living authentically ̶ without fear of judgment or rejection. I provide each client with an open-minded approach, unconditional acceptance and encouragement as they embark on their journey towards healing themselves. The goals are clear: To learn how to manage stressors more effectively so that clients feel less overwhelmed by circumstances; To empower them to take ownership over their own mental health instead of being controlled by it; And most importantly, show compassion while learning how to be kinder to themselves.

I am completely committed to your privacy and confidentiality, so please be open to welcoming me into your life. All information shared between coach and client remains private indefinitely unless there is imminent danger as determined by a court order in which my office would comply with the laws of the requesting state/province/country.

We work together to make an integration plan that works for you and your specific struggles, behaviours and interests. I encourage you to book a call if this is in alignment with what you are seeking.

If you have any questions about the integration process or anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here!

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