Change is hard. It's messy, and it’s uncomfortable.

It feels like everywhere we look, more changes are happening than ever before.

The political landscape is changing, the climate is changing, and even our relationships are changing. 

The old ways of doing things don’t work anymore.


Seasons of Change

This immersive 5-day live event is designed to help you come to terms with all that has changed in recent years and step forward into a new, unknown future. Through nature’s wisdom, personal reflection, group coaching exercises and nervous system regulation practices, you will start to release what no longer serves you and be present with what is required of you to move forward and heal with more ease.

It’s normal to feel lost and uncertain about what the future has in store. This is an opportunity for you to stop, breathe and be present with yourself, yourself, and everything that has happened around you.

Seasons of Change is an opportunity for you to move through your pain into possibility.

To grieve what has been lost and celebrate what is yet to come.

This experience is more than just a workshop – it’s a catalyst that will radically push you forward through your self-discovery adventure.


Hi, I'm Amy

personal and collective trauma alchemist

I'm a neurodivergent certified coach, soon-to-be licensed therapist, avid adventurer, and obnoxious dog mom.

I'm no stranger to chronic anxiety, panic, mental illness, ADHD, and a physical body that has been screaming at me for years. I know the struggles of trying to keep it together while trying to fit into a world that is not made for you or how you think. My long childhood and adult trauma history have forced me to "hit rock bottom" more times than we're told we should. During the last few years, I’ve met parts of myself that I've been running from for decades, and these parts of me have taught me how important it is to embrace the chaos in today’s world through practical action, and this is the medicine I hope to bring to our shared world.

I embody an approach grounded in decolonized psychology, informed by ancient intelligence, and guided with our collective growth and well-being in mind. My 3 core values are integrity, curiosity and unconditional love. Together, we go from anxious, overwhelmed and desperately searching for stability in our lives to feeling SAFE, guided by our full potential and ready to embrace the MAGIC of possibility.

What You’ll Receive When You Join:

(5) 60 Minute Live Interactive Workshops that help you gain a greater perspective of the forces of nature affecting the health of your mind, body and soul

(5) Practices for training your nervous system to regulate on its own, in community and with the natural cycles of healing

Access to an intimate and vulnerable community of like-minded people acting together to create radical and effective change in their lives.

Expressive Activities + Journal Prompts for you to deepen your self-reflection practice and get even more out of this experience.

Daily Check-ins so that you can feel supported during this self-discovery practice

Could you be ready to do the hard work required for radical and effective change in your life?